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Thanks to Sheikh Hasina for Uncovering her Real Face

Mohammad Zainal Abedin:

Sheikh Hasina, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh during her 15-year autocratic rule never so openly exposed her pro-India identity what she had to uncover when two associates of Indian Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi made defamous comments against the personal life of Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SM > let peace be upon him), which angered the Muslims and they simultaneously roared against India.

The whole Muslim world being overwhelmed with grief and anger demanded the punishment of two fanatic and communalist associates Nipun Sharma and Jindal Kumar of Modi, but Sheikh Hasina dismaying all, neither followed them, nor even condemned India.

Being the PM of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina ignoring the sentiment of the Muslims who are 92 per cent of the total population, played the role of a silent dumb spectator which publicly branded her as a trusted and subservient surrogate of India. 

It was her sacred duty to take a strong stand condemning the Modi government and, like the Arabian countries, urge the people to boycott India in all sectors and expel Indian workers from Bangladesh. But she went to the opposite direction and isolated Bangladesh from the Muslim world only to serve her own interest and that of her India masters.

All the leading Muslim countries, and apex body of the Muslim countries strongly condemned Nimpun Sharma and Jindal Kumar, sought exemplary punishment of these fanatic and communal Hindus, urged to boycott Indian products and even threatened to expel the Indian workers from their countries. Only the Bangladesh government remained mum and Hasina did it to please Modi and get his illegal support to continue her anti-people illegal regime in the next election. She openly declared she needs power.

If she was a patriot, it was a high time to bring Bangladesh out of India’s hegemonic claws, get close to the wealthy Muslim countries around the world. But to prove herself as India’s genuine attendant, she did not care for the interest of Bangladesh or its people. Thus, Bangladesh lost another golden opportunity of becoming closer to the wealthier Muslim countries around the world and export more manpower to those countries and avail many other types of financial benefits.  

Quoting Sheikh Hasina, social media reported that she warned AL activists not to organize any anti-India demonstration out of India’s crime. Her information Minister Hasan Mahmud has termed the row over the remarks against Prophet Mohammad as ‘internal issue’.

What a falsity and baseless argument it is!  Such childlike comments on the part of ministers unveil this reality that they do not represent the belief and sentiment of the Bangladeshi people, as they are not people’s representatives.

These people to flatter India lost their sense.  Is Hazrat Mohammad (SM) an Indian or is he an India-origin Prophet? These pro-Indian subservients do not lament for baseless opinion.

These elements even shamelessly congratulate their lord Modi for in their language, “We congratulate the Indian government for taking legal action against those who commented on the Prophet Mohammad (Sm)”. None of those critics were arrested or faced any punitive action.

Nipun Sharma was simply suspended, while Naveen Kumar Jindal was expelled. They were neither arrested nor tried, rather they are in their home, and enjoy a scare-free life.

Suspension is not a not a punishment, rather it is cruel eyewash and joke. Suspension or expulsion can be withdrawn anytime and get their job back. They need to face court-trial and be declared unfit for any responsible portfolio.

Modi even instead of protecting the Muslims allowed the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister to arrest, or kill the Muslims, set fire on their residences and shops who went to the street protesting against Nipun Sharma and Naveen Kuman Jindal.

Despite heavy pressure from home and abroad, BNP (Bangladesh Nationalist Party) condemning Nipun Sharma and Naveen Kumar Jindal did a very crucial patrotic job .  On June 07, 2022 Advocate Ruhul Kabir Rizvi BNP, the Senior Joint Secretary General of BNP in a statement severely condemned and protested the remarks ofthe Sharma and Jindal.

The statement said, the derogatory remarks of two leaders of BJP hurt the feelings of the Muslims around the world and aggrieved them. The issue, like all others, came to the attention of BNP. The combative comments of Nipun Sharma and Jindal against the faith and religion of others are tantamount to extreme audacity.  Their comments created crystal clear dissension in the society. This type of comment totally ignores the religious freedom of human beings, which is antagonistic to the fundamental and universal human rights.  BNP strongly condemned and protested such insultive remarks, the statement declared.

BNP echoed the sentiment and feelings of the Bangladeshi Muslims. It was the responsibility of the ruling AL to lodge strong protest with New Delhi. It could summon the Indian High Commissioner to the Bangladesh Foreign Ministry office and hand over a protest note highlighting sentiment of the people of Bangladesh. But AL to continue their illegal regime appeased Modi and remained silent. *

Mohammad Zainal Abedin is a Bangladesh-origin American journalist & researcher.

June 20, 2022, NYC, USA

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