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Tarique Rahman Vowed to Protect Sovereignty of Bangladesh

Mohammad Zainal Abedin:

 The Acting Chairman of BNP Tarique Rahman on the 53rd Independence Day of Bangladesh, while addressing as the Chief Guest at a discussion meeting on March 26, 2023, held at the Royal Regency Auditorium in East London, reiterated his deep commitment to regain the real sovereignty and independence of Bangladesh. This speech uncovered his deep sense of patriotism when he vowed to protect and sovereignty of Bangladesh.  

Describing the context of the independence and liberation war, he said that the anti-democratic mafia clique isolated independent Bangladesh from the democratic world. The ruling mafia government separated Bangladesh from the democratic world today. Now it does not get any country in the international forum in its side for the interests of Bangladesh.

Tarique Rahman said, the illegal AL government could not attain any interest for Bangladesh despite remaining in power for three terms from neighboring India. AL could not sign the Teesta Agreement with India even clinging power for more than a decade.  Inspite of failing to sign the Teesta Barrage Agreement India Hasina government allowed India to build two more dams under the Teesta Barrage Project. If this dam is built, the misery of the northern region of Bangladesh will increase.

He said, the unpleasant reality is that neighboring India openly supports the Awami League, which seized power without legitimate election. In exchange AL surrendered to India free transit, transshipment and Bangladeshi river, land and sea ports. But the fascist AL government could not attain anything from India, which is beneficial to Bangladesh. However, to remain in power without the support of the Bangladeshis, AL gets India’s ugly support and favor, i.e. it enjoys the privilege to push the democracy-loving Bangladeshis from Bangladesh territory to India.

Acting Chairman of BNP said, there are more precedents of Awami League’s dishonesty with the people of independent Bangladesh. In August 2022, the foreign minister of the midnight government publicly made a seditious statement. The illegal foreign minister said, ‘to keep the Sheikh Hasina government in power ‘I told India to take whatever step it deems.

Tariq Rahman said, it is only possible on the part of a power-greedy party’s     FM to beg for the favor of another country.  Expressing his deep shock Tarique Tarique added, after 53 years of its independence, the shamelessness of the power-hungry minister proved that the people of Bangladesh are now subjugated in their own country. They are not free to speak in favor of their own country.

BNP Acting Chairman Tarique Rahman opined, independence and self-respect are closely related. But the ruling evil forces intentionally destroyed national status and ‘self-respect and glory’ of the people of the country just to remain in power.

AL distorted the history of liberation war in such a way, as if; the independence of Bangladesh is a gift of someone else.

In this context, Tarique Rahman recalled the sacrifice of Abrar Fahad, a brilliant student of BUET, who was brutally killed in 2019 by the parasitic Bangladesh Chattra League (BCL) terrorists.

He asked what was the crime of Abrar Fahad? Abrar Fahad gave a status on Facebook when Sheikh Hasina surrendered our water, gas and seaport to India. In Abrar’s Facebook status, the glory of Bangladesh, the self-esteem of the people of Bangladesh was highlighted.

That was the reason for his martyrdom. “The people of the country are now subjugated in their own country,” Tarique Rahman opined.

The eloquent speech of Tarique Rahman exploded his fiery patriotism, which signaled that he will never surrender the independence and sovereignty of Bangladesh to any country.


A Bangladesh-origin American Journalist & Researcher 

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