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A Target of the Adversaries: Pakistan can’t Afford Anarchy

Mohammad Zainal Abedin : The recent political tempest in Pakistan that prematurely toppled Prime Minister Imran Khan, proved a great folly for the Pakistani beneficiaries and their nearest and distant overt and covert perpetrators.The cross-sections of Pakistanis massively rejected the change in their country and spontaneously went to the street in favor of Imran Khan.The largest gathering held at Bagh-I-Jinnah, Karachi on April 18, 2022, which according to Awami Muslim League Leader Sheikh Rashid, broke the record of Fatema Jinnah, dismayed the Nawaz-Bhutto family-led alliance. The next rally held in Peshawar, was so large that the lens of the high-powered cameras could not reach or cover its last point.The architects of the judicial coup to depose Imran Khan became puzzled seeing his popularity and acceptability among the people from urban to remotest rural areas all over Pakistan. It made him more popular and acceptable than ever and solidified his leadership for years to come, which at the same time cemented further the national unity and solidarity of Pakistan. Person Imran Khan is more powerful and popular than premier Imran Khan.Analysts predict, toppling the Imran Khan government may appear as a boomerang for those perpetrators, and their followers in Pakistan, as their action absolutely went in favor of Imran Khan. Their error was that they failed to comprehend how popular Imran Khan is among the Pakistanis.They opine, if a free and fair election is held in Pakistan today, Imran Khan will come back to power getting two-third majority in the National Assembly.Seeing the sea of people in Karachi, Peshawar, and elsewhere in Pakistan, if the perpetrators and their local loyals have a minimum sense of shame and possess real honor for people’s opinion and sentiment, they should allow democracy to progress in Pakistan.Political observers opine, India is one of the adversaries of Pakistan, was also an Architect of the current upheaval. It is desperate to create political chaos and instability in Pakistan to gradually disrupt its territorial integrity and solidarity. Pakistani politicians and social leaders should remain vigil and solidify national unity against the evil motives of India and its allies.The role of the Chief Justice of Pakistan Supreme Court Umar Ata Bandial irked controversies, and questions whether the ouster of Imran Khan was lawful or not. And is the Chief Justice superior to the President of Pakistan? Or can he serve instruction or order the Speaker of the Pakistan National Assembly?In a parliamentary democracy a president is symbolic, still, he is head of the state, even chief of the Armed Forces.  The Chief Justice, under no circumstances, can serve instruction to the President when he should call the session of the Parliament.Can the Chief Justice instruct the President or the Speaker to complete voting of the National Assembly within a specific timetable? This is perhaps the maiden instance in the world that occurred in Pakistan.Doing this, whether the Chief Justice snatched the authority of the President and the Speaker of the Parliament.  Is he not taking the power and authority of the speaker into his own hands through this directive? How the democratic world welcomed such unethical change in Pakistan and how some of them openly expressed their desire to meet the new leaders in Pakistan who are enjoying their blessing?Analysts opined, the role of the Chief Justice clearly proved that he was assigned to implement the blueprint of some external powers and their local lackeys, and his action will cause Pakistan for decades.They predict, free and fair elections should only remove the imminent danger that looms on Pakistan. The more it is delayed the more Pakistan may submerge in bloody conflict and chaos, which will be disastrous for Pakistan.I personally pray to Allah to protect Pakistan, as our forefathers (British Bengal Muslims) sacrificed a lot to create Pakistan in 1947 that enabled us to create in 1971Bangladesh, another Muslim abode in the subcontinent. If Pakistan was not created in 1947, we could never create independent Bangladesh in 1971.No Pakistanis should forget that Modi openly invited the people of Balochistan, Sindh, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to go to India to get military training to disintegrate Pakistan. Now the same Modi offered friendship with his newly installed counterpart Shehbaz Sharif and wrote a letter to him. Sharif should cautiously deal with Modi, who is committed to wipe out the Muslims from the subcontinent.  *Ø The contributor is a veteran of Bangladesh War of Liberation.

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